Do you know the free services that are easily overlooked by foreign five-star hotels?


2022-11-10 11:22

Do you know how to travel abroad often? In fact, in the five-star hotels abroad, there are many amazing services that are provided to customers free of charge. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the free services that are easily overlooked in five-star hotels.


What is a five-star hotel?

In fact, "five-star hotels" are the only ones in China. In the international arena, five words are generally used to classify hotels from high to low:


Luxury Hotels


First-Class Hotels


Middle-Price Hotels


Economy Hotels


Budgeted Hotels


What we usually call "five-star hotels" is the luxury hotels (luxury hotels) abroad.

What are the service standards for five-star hotels?

A hotel can be selected as a "five-star hotel", and the hotel's service must be the ultimate in more than one aspect:


In terms of hardware, a five-star hotel must have a swimming pool of sufficient size (with an area of not less than 500 square meters);


Five-star hotels must have at least three front-end service windows and be able to provide 24-hour English service;


Five-star hotels must have full-time baggage officers, lobby managers and security personnel;


In terms of geographical location, five-star hotels must have convenient public transportation, such as airport buses, hotel shuttle buses, and proximity to main roads;


In service facilities, five-star hotels are generally equipped with gyms, restaurants, foreign currency exchange offices, travel guides, etc.;



A five-star hotel must have at least 40 rooms, and 70% of the rooms must be no less than 20 square meters;


The sanitary products and bedding products in the room must be replaced by one guest;


The room must have 110V international voltage, air conditioning, 24-hour hot water and so on.




How to enjoy more benefits?

First, become a senior member


In fact, the free service of many five-star hotels requires you to become a senior member of the hotel before you can enjoy it. For example, the executive lounges of some five-star hotels offer free afternoon tea or cocktails to their premium members.



Second, through the official website booking


Many five-star hotels will offer some discounts and package discounts on their official website. In addition, they can get a more comprehensive understanding of the hotel's benefits on the official website, which will help to make reasonable travel arrangements when traveling.


3. Get in touch with the hotel by mail or phone.


Contacting overseas hotels directly by mail or telephone is the most pleasant way to surprise: Some friends have to travel to Bali one time. As a result, the date of travel is exactly the domestic holiday, and all major websites show no Room - So he sent an email directly to a hotel and tried to find a spare room in the hotel in this way. Surprisingly, the hotel not only provided the friend with a spare room, but also reduced the room price of nearly 10,000 yuan a night to about 6,000 yuan.




Free service that is easily overlooked

In fact, five-star hotels have a lot of free services, which are easy to ignore when everyone stays at the hotel:


1 consecutive accommodation discount: such as "stay three nights, send one night";


2 honeymoon room: By telling the hotel that you are a honeymoon couple, you can get a room for promotion;


3 private butler: 1-on-1 private butler, on call;


4 special car: not only provide pick-up service, but also do chartering;


5 exclusive tour routes: the hotel will provide guests with exclusive excursions, and some attractions can even provide tickets;



6-way meal: for breakfast without breakfast, on the road;


7 Free laundry: Guests in the executive rooms can generally enjoy free laundry service;


8 child care: some five-star hotels provide child care services for families with children;


9 afternoon tea or cocktail: Premium members can enjoy free drinks in the hotel's Executive Lounge;


10SPA, nail art: Generally there will be free experience items in the hotel's spa.

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