I love my hotel


2022-11-10 11:20

Shangyu Hotel is located at the foot of Longshan Mountain, with fresh air and beautiful environment. There is a well in the hotel, which accumulates this millennial culture. When the result of the draw was over, I was surprised and happy, because I didn't know much, so I was scared, because I was full of expectations and I was surprised.


       When the two responsible persons of the guest came in, my fears were put down. Managers Chen and Xie were very kind and polite, and their unique temperament also deeply infected me.


       When we were received by the driver in the dormitory, many old employees came to help us carry the luggage, help us with the meal card, take us the fingerprints and other life matters, let us feel enough warmth.


       This training lasted for nearly ten days. We learned a lot about etiquette knowledge, tray knowledge, fire safety knowledge, etc., which made me gain a lot. After that, we went to the training and personally operated, and gradually got started until we could make a box by ourselves.


       I will soon be staying at the guest for a month. Thanks to everyone here, even the reprimand of the knife and mouth is full of meaning. Every day I like to have a free time to have a healthy day, and a busy day, every day is a new day. Maybe I have learned a lot, maybe I still have a lot to learn, maybe I can learn new knowledge every day.


       I hope that every day in the future will be fulfilling and meaningful.

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