Summer and Shangbin


2022-11-10 11:19

In the midsummer, the sun is like a fire. The high temperature in the past few days, the open-air operations have been shut down, and many indoor workers are also shouting that they can't afford it. For the hotel staff, it is even more “baked”. Although the central air-conditioning is open in the hotel, the waiters are all sweating. From July to August, the hotel received more than 10 large and small teams and 120 conferences. The achievement of these business results is inseparable from the employees' insistence on the position, and the sweat is exchanged for the satisfaction of the guests.


       Yuxia Town Federation of Trade Unions


       Three days are the hottest, humid and hot days of the year. On July 27th, the General Union of the Xixia Township of Shangyu District launched a summer cool and condolence activity. The chairman, Ren Shenghua, led a team of 2 people to condolence the first-line staff of Shangyu Hotel, sent summer condolences, and sent the care of the party and the government. Fighting in the hands of the majority of workers at high temperatures.


       Food and Beverage Department


       Scene 1: Kitchen


       In summer, people are reluctant to cook in the kitchen and come to the hotel to eat. Going into the kitchen, I measured it on the spot with a thermometer. It was shown at 42 °C. The chef dipped the spoon and sweat soaked the overalls and presented the food to the guests.


       Scene 2: Restaurant


       After a meeting, the staff at the front desk restaurant was ruined. According to the meeting needs of the guests, the restaurant waiter and the passer-by were constantly turning over and arranging, and the contact staff praised the employees for their efficient work attitude.




       On weekends, the room occupancy rate is 99%, one team after another, robbing the room, extra bed and fruit again and again. The sweeper and the value attendant are working non-stop. The outdoor PA is cleaning the ground with the scorching sun. The indoor PA keeps the public place clean and tidy. The meticulous message service, a letter of praise from the guests, brought a refreshing cool to the room staff.


       Front office


       From July to August, there were many government-level meetings, and the front office department received services such as reception information, reception requirements, house arrangement, meal arrangement, accompanying staff arrangement, signing and pre-conference preparation, in-meeting service, and post-meeting service. The details are specified and explained. The swimming pool staff received a batch of swimming enthusiasts to strictly monitor the water quality. The hotel swimming pool has become one of the best water quality in the swimming area of ​​Shangyu District.


       Engineering department


       Working outdoors at high temperatures, water loss can be imagined, at least 10 bottles of water a day. The employees of the engineering department did their due diligence to complete the maintenance of the outer wall anti-corrosion wood, silently sticking to the post and sweating the laborers.


       Security Department


       During this time, the hotel was busy in the hot weather, and the trolley bus continued to enter. Under the scorching sun, the security guards adhered to the post, enthusiastic service, positive performance, brisk or trotting to the front of the vehicle, gestured to guide the guests to the appropriate position, at this time, the sweat has soaked the clothes.


       Finance department


       Because there are more receptions, there are more items needed. Purchasing strictly implements the system for purchasing, claiming, purchasing and accounting of food, food additives and food-related products, ensuring food safety, and assigning special personnel to be responsible. In order to bring fresh ingredients to the guests, the buyers will go to the food base with the driver to select the high-quality varieties to meet the needs of the guests.


       Marketing Department


       The heat is hard to bear, but the marketer does not relax because of the high temperature, book the box, book the room, pick up the meeting, send the bill, invoice, collect the money, visit the customer, all the work is in order, normal development, and maintain good communication with new and old customers. To grasp the needs of customers in real time, to provide customers with initiative, enthusiasm, satisfaction, and thoughtful service, won the trust of customers.


       Administrative Office


       The weather is hot in summer and the loss of appetite is common. The canteen staff used their brains to arrange the weekly menu of the menu, providing employees with hot and refreshing heat, damp food, mung bean soup, dried vegetable soup, salad, pampa, loofah and other dishes. The drinks were all chilled. More thirst-quenching; in the dining environment, the cafeteria opens the central air-conditioning half an hour before the meal, providing a comfortable dining environment for the staff; strictly control the quality of the food, disinfect the food, and thoroughly clean the canteen hygiene once a week, and do a good job. Anti-mite, fly-proof, anti-rat and other work. The driver assists the buyer in transporting the goods every day, so that he can use the car at any time and get out of the car at any time. There is no such thing as delaying work due to untimely delivery.

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