Safe, always unremitting


2022-11-10 11:20

June is the “National Safe Production Month”.


      As the duty guard on the back guard, once we find that there is an abnormal situation in the charging of the battery car in the parking lot, we will report the facts to the personnel on duty and the leaders in time. Subsequently, the on-duty personnel quickly rushed to the scene to eliminate hidden dangers and control the accident in the bud.


      In the dormitory room, during the inspection of the floor, I found out that a certain bedroom had a fire, and the power was cut off in time. I immediately called the security department and the duty officer wore the fire fighting suit at a speed that was too fast. Wear a helmet and a portable fire extinguisher and rush to the scene to carry out the fire fighting work. At the same time, the management staff and the aunts of the hospitality, actively guide and evacuate the accommodation staff, holding wet towels, licking their nose and mouth, making the correct escape posture, withdrawing to the safe zone, ensuring personal safety and avoiding property losses.


      The duty officer in the control room receives the manual alarm or the customer's false positives, and always can rush to the first time to inform the staff on duty and the doorman. If the situation is found on a certain floor or in the box and public area, the duty officer will inform the parking lot security to the alarm point as soon as possible to eliminate the hidden dangers that should not occur, and ensure the guests' peace of mind.


      The guards, the dormitory, and the control room, each of the staff members were highly cautious in the exercise, and they were focused and made the most of this "safe month" activity. At the same time, during the completion of the drill, the security staff deeply realized the sense of team obedience, the tacit understanding, the responsibility and the importance of safety.


      Let us always tighten the string of safety, form a safe service without any small matters, from caring for safety and safety to a good atmosphere for everyone.

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