The 2nd Staff Representative Conference of Shangyu Hotel Co., Ltd. and the 2nd Trade Union Member Representative Conference were successfully held


2022-11-10 11:06


On the afternoon of August 14, Shangyu Hotel Co., Ltd. successfully organized the second employee representative meeting and the second session of a trade union member representative assembly. With the concerted efforts of all the delegates, the scheduled agendas of the conferences were successfully completed in accordance with the established procedures.


       The conference was presided over by General Manager Wang Guilan and a total of 41 employee representatives attended the meeting. The meeting consists of five agendas. The first agenda is the union chairman Li Ailing briefly reviewing the trade union work in recent years. Since the establishment of the trade union in 2003, under the care of the higher-level trade unions, focusing on the construction of the socialist core value system, leading the construction of the Shangbin culture, and striving to establish a harmonious enterprise, it has achieved certain results. The work of the trade unions is fruitful and fruitful. "Shaoxing Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise", "Shaoxing Ping An Creation Demonstration Enterprise", "Advanced Workers' Home and Other Honors", and propose the next stage of work tasks, based on improving the quality of the workforce, and taking the development of harmonious labor relations as a grasp Hand, to standardize the construction of the union itself as a guarantee, around the work center, to serve the overall situation of the hotel.


       The second agenda adopted the election method; the third agenda was the adoption of the new Trade Union Committee, the Trade Union Women Workers Committee, and the Financial Audit Committee; the fourth agenda was the election of the General Assembly and the voting matters, and the employee representatives were anonymous. Voted, seven candidates for the trade union committee and three candidates for the fund review committee were all approved by the vote. Elected Fu Wei, Chen Weiying, Xie Xiaohui, Zhu Lijun, Yan Libin, Zheng Haiyan and Zeng Ling were elected as members of the Second Trade Union Committee, Zhu Lijun, Li Qiuyue and Zhang Qi were members of the Fund Review Committee.


       Finally, the fifth agenda, the newly elected union chairman Fu Wei took the stage to make a statement. He thanked all of you for your support and trust. It is a kind of challenge and a responsibility. It is the source of motivation for the former President Li Ailing’s achievements on the trade union. In normal times, we must continue to learn, make continuous progress, live up to the expectations of everyone, and point out that the new members are moving toward the five goals. Close contact with employees, become the “self-family” and “family family” that employees rely on; actively report to the party branch to help open a special democratic life meeting; establish a sound supervision mechanism to ensure the effectiveness of trade union rights protection; care for employees with difficulties, guarantee It is difficult for employees to have a basic life; to run a "home of workers", to actively carry out healthy and uplifting cultural and sports activities, and to enhance the cohesiveness of trade unions.


       We firmly believe that the new Trade Union Committee will bear in mind the requirements of the hotel party committee and the expectations of the staff, work diligently, fulfill their duties, work hard, and forge ahead, earnestly do a good job in the trade union work, do fine and practical, and strive to promote the economic benefits of the hotel. Stable and prosperous harmonious unity.

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