Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences Hotel Management Department students come to the internship


2022-11-10 11:04



 On July 30, Shangyu Hotel welcomed 20 students from the hotel management department of Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences to come to our library for an internship.


       Shangyu Hotel's unique geographical advantage, the creation of the Shangbin brand has attracted visitors from all over the years, and also attracted students from Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences to come to the internship. Since June, the hotel has received an internship assignment from the students, and the logistics work has begun. From the dormitory, job arrangement, pick-up and work, the preparation of the training plan, and the establishment of the WeChat group are proceeding in an orderly manner.


       From July 31st to August 10th, the Administrative Office of Shangyu Hotel arranged the "Employee Handbook", "should be known", "service etiquette", "tray knowledge", "Chinese food service process", "drink knowledge" and other courses. The teachers gave a solid theoretical foundation and skilled operation skills, which left a deep impression on the students. The students also listened carefully to the lesson, remembered the notes, consulted the teachers about some unfamiliar knowledge, and discussed each other. They all thought that they had learned the updated knowledge outside the classroom to give them the next internship.


    Shangyu Hotel also hopes that more institutions will come to our library for internships to inject new strength into the guests and lay a solid foundation for the creation of the “Shangbin” brand.

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