Hotel honor

2003 Zhejiang Green Hotel

2003 Shaoxing Excellent Hotel

2003 Second Prize of Shaoxing Xianheng Cup Tourist Hotel Fire Sports Team

2004 Shaoxing Tourism System Civilization Demonstration Unit

2004 Second Prize of Shaoxing City “Xi Lin Men” Cup Travel Hotel Apparel Competition

2004 Zhejiang Restaurant Famous Restaurant

2005 Shaoxing City Trade Union "three-level joint creation" activity demonstration grass-roots union

2006 Best Management Award of Shaoxing Star Hotel

2006 Food Hygiene A-level unit

2006 Shaoxing 30 Best Honest Tourism Enterprise

2007 International Food and Beverage Alliance Director Unit

2007 Advanced Workers' Home

In 2007, the "Shangbinbao" created a five-star column and won the best column award for Shaoxing City's corporate newspapers and magazines.

2008 Zhejiang Four Star Excellent Quality Hotel

2008 First place in Shangyu City Star Hotel Service Skills Operation Competition Group

2008 Second Prize of Shaoxing High-star Hotel Skills Competition Group

2008 Third Prize of Chinese Restaurant Banquet Design Team of Zhejiang Province Hotel Service Skills Competition

In 2008, the staff dormitory of Shangyu Hotel was rated as the top ten staff living area.

2009 Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Training Base

2009 2007-2008 Shaoxing City Business Service Enterprise Consumer Trustworthy Unit

2009 "Five Changxing" expensive in the award

2009 Top Ten Enterprises in Comprehensive Business Services

In 2009, the “Healthy Golden Rice Liaoshen” cooked by the head chef Xuanjian was awarded the “Best Fashion Gold Award”.

2010 Zhejiang Province and Ningbo City, the second employee science and technology week staff skill performance gold award / Chinese food service project professional group gold award

In 2010, Shangbin Daily was awarded the Excellent Report of Shaoxing Enterprise Newspapers and Periodicals.

2010 Silver Award of the 6th "Grape Cup" Catering Competition in Zhejiang Province

2010 Staff Life Logistics Support Demonstration Unit

2010 Shangyu City Labor Harmony Relationship Enterprise

2010 Modern service industry scale enterprise

2010 2011-2012 Central, Provincial and Municipal Conferences

2010 “Five Good” Grassroots Party Organization

2010 2010 Advanced Trade Union

2010 2010 Advanced Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relations

2010 Shangyu City “May 1st”

2011 Zhejiang New Business Capital (Shangyu) Shopping Festival "Top Ten Consumer Satisfaction Business"

2011 Shaoxing City's first most influential catering enterprise

2011 Top Ten Modern Service Enterprises in Shangyu City

In 2011, it was rated as Shaoxing City's featured cultural theme theme hotel.

In 2012, Shaoxing Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee was awarded Shaoxing Service Brand

In 2013, it was rated as Silver Leaf Green Hotel.

2013-2014 Central, Provincial and Municipal Conferences

In 2014, it was awarded the title of “Home of Advanced Workers”

2014 Won the “Five Good” Grassroots Party Organization

2014 Awarded the first prize in the safety production assessment of tourism enterprises

2015 Awarded “Top Ten Food Production and Management Demonstration Unit”

In 2015, it was recognized as “Shaoxing Service Brand”

In 2015, it was rated as Shaoxing Excellent Enterprise News

2015 Awarded the first prize in the Stars Hotel and Scenic Group of the Tourism System Firefighting Games

2015 Won the "Yin Ding"-level cultural theme hotel

2016 Awarded the first prize in the safety production target management responsibility system assessment

2016 Union of Trade Unions

In 2016, won the “Top Ten Food Production and Management Demonstration Unit”

In 2016, it was awarded the “Shaoxing Enterprise Newspaper” Good Layout Excellence Award.